Condiment S.A. is an Argentine company inserted clearly in the segment of the medium company.
From his beginnings it knew clearly objectives industralists and thus, been born in 1990, little less than six years and crossing a period of the Argentina economy characterized by a high inflationary content that took to the bankruptcy, fusion and/or sale of traditional companies of the sector, still of greater quantitative spread, it has been laying out a persistent growth in his productive structure and of sale, that allows to affirm that today it constitutes an excellent link of the ecoproductivo segment in which it develops his activity.

The excellent quality and the careful service overturned to the attention of their clients and the doubtless technical capacity demonstrated in the investigation and development of new products, have taken to the company, within the permanent attention in the diversification of their products to take care of the multiple necessities of the sectors to which it supplies, a continuous improvement of their manufacturing structure and qualification and training of personal.materia.



His first located industrial plant in Matheu, Pdo. de Escobar in the Pcia. from Buenos Aires and that outside acquired in 1991, it was quickly reduced to take care of his commitments and it took it to the acquisition in 1994 of another plant that outside recycled totally, adjusting to the bromatológicos requirements and of environmental cleaning, to fulfill the regulations in the matter, not only national but also international of form so to count from the beginning with the necessary conditions for its future development.
Distant to only 400 meters of the original plant, the quintuplica in dimension and is located on provincial route 25 with an ample adjacent land that covers all future expectation with expansion.


Plants Industrialist and Sales Route 25 Nº 911 (1627) Matheu
Pcia. de Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel./Fax (54) 3488-460555 - (54) 3488-460663
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